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Sometimes one of the big challenges facing a blogger, publisher, online writer or marketer is finding affordable photos, illustrations or vector images to help them illustrate their work, especially royalty free images that they can alter to suit their needs. Stockmile is a service that has stepped up to solve this problem. With a focus on providing high quality stock photos and vector images from all areas, and with different license types – the exciting service has been met with enthusiasm by many people and companies.

We feel very passionate about our service and we know it expertly meets the needs of people in many different industries. Having a source of royalty free images and free photography that is affordable, with high quality choices, was something really lacking in the world and we're happy to provide it. Individual downloads, prepaid credits, subscription plans and completely free downloads are all available to best service our customer's needs.

So far, Stockmile has been praised as an image source for websites, posts, blogs, social media pages, promotional materials of all kinds, ads, print magazines, work presentations, and for both print and Kindle book covers.

John M., a blogger from Illinois, recently said, "My blog covers dating and relationships so I need at least a few photos a week I can alter slightly and use in posts. Stockmile is a great find and has greatly cut down the amount of money I use in this area now, while the quality of images has risen. Five stars and fully recommended.”

You can use our database of more than 60 million stock photos, free photography, illustrations and vector images 24 hours a day!

We greatly appreciate any kind of feedback, suggestions and advices from our customers, contributors and visitors. For more information about the regularly scheduled promotions and offers, do not forget to subscribe to our Newsletter. 

Registered users can store the images they wish to use by organizing their own selections by using lightboxes. You as a user can assign them names, classify by type, date, color, size, event, customer name etc. You can use our service as your own free photo storage space! All the images you downloaded, regardless of whether free or paid, are stored in your account and you have access to them at any time. Just register for free and enjoy!


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